Unique P2P lending marketplace

In the time I have been employed, we launched many features, including the SoLo Lender Protection program and the SoLo Wallet.

11% market take rate increased to 24% 
$1M Annualized run rate increased to $14.5M Revenue
1 Hr loan funding decreased to 28 min
In 2020, funded loans were 42k, and increased in 2022 to 180k
In 2020, 70k members increased to 201k

Role: Lead Designer 2019-2020
Director of Product Design 2020- present

Implemented user research process into product development cycle when it did not exist in the company. Worked with CEO, product and engineering teams to streamline product process, including the implementation of user research, data input and flow mapping. An effective product scope mitigates a lot of issues and makes the design process more efficient.
Worked with engineering team to document the complex architecture so that design can successfully scope projects and plan effectively.

Implemented a new user research process in scoping phase for the company.
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